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Growing strong

Growing Strong
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house tyrell of highgarden

Highgarden is an ancient seat of rule and the heart of chivalry in the Seven Kingdoms. Harlan Tyrell, hereditary high steward of the Reach, was granted Highgarden and dominion of the Reach by Aegon upon the death of King Mern at the Field of Fire. The Tyrells claim descent from the gardener king of the Age of Heroes through the female line (indicating their origin among the Andal invaders thousands of years before). Their motto is, “Growing Strong.”

Lord Mace Tyrell, Warden of the South, Defender of the Marches, High Marshal of the Reach, and member of the King’s small council, rules the house. He besieged Storm’s End while following the Targaryens during the War of the Usurper, but bent his knee after the Sack of King’s Landing. His heir is Willas, lame after an accident while a squire jousting against Oberyn Martell. Lord Mace’s favorite son is Ser Loras, called the Knight of Flowers, a prodigy of martial skill even at the age of fifteen.

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